Balls of Colour

 photo James_Friedman_16_zps8ff261fa.jpeg

 photo James_Friedman_11_zps3c38ec6f.jpeg

 photo James_Friedman_18_zps2d68a7ec.jpeg

What are these curiously coloured circles – a newly discovered planet or perhaps some flavoured candy? You’ll be surprised to find out that these are actually the insides of golf balls. This series of photos were taken by Ohio–based photographer James Friedman (who ironically does not play golf). However, curious to find out more about the unknown, he cut golf balls in half to see what the core would look like.

Here are some more of them…

 photo James_Friedman_20_zps94ea4357.jpeg

 photo James_Friedman_8_zps048a634a.jpeg

 photo James_Friedman_17_zps70e07406.jpeg

 photo James_Friedman_4_zpsc409d60b.jpeg

 photo James_Friedman_3_zpsd2e45d65.jpeg

 photo James_Friedman_2_zpsb4205a3d.jpeg

“What I found inside inspired me to consider that I could discover, in the unlikeliest of places, elegant formal qualities and surprising metaphorical possibilities. Interior Design has moved me to be enthusiastic about abstraction, an exciting corollary to my work as a documentary photographer” — James Friedman

Who would have known that this explosion of shapes and colours would be found underneath the glossy white surfaces?

via Feature Shoot

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