Paint Me

Remember the days when we used to go to a party and the moment a butterfly was painted across on our face, we’d marvel at the perfection of the clown lady’s work of art? I am referring to little-me at the tender age of 4, but perhaps you thought of a time when you were a tad older. Whatever floats your boat. Well, the butterfly has now been (dramatically) overshadowed by a new event that I recently came across…the World Bodypainting Festival.

Austria just hosted the 16th World Bodypainting Festival from July 5 to 7; a mishmash of internationality, creativity, art, music and fashion. 29,000 onlookers and participants from 45 countries attended – looks like I wasn’t the one fascinated by this event. The theme for this year was ‘Planet Food’ and here are a couple of things that they came up with. Prepare to be amazed…

 photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival8_zps568b95f6.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival15_zps63342dac.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival13_zpsbe2af591.jpeg

The event was held in Pörtschach, an impressive location surrounded by turquoise water which was the perfect backdrop for the art form. Not only were the world championships in bodypainting held there, they also had a night contest for UV effects, special effects make-up awards, a body circus (some surreal ballroom), an extensive exhibition area & market, exhibitions, photography and huge music-synchronised fireworks.

My obsession is building.

 photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival17_zps076d8a31.png  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival12_zpsc1fc418d.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival10_zpsc51671b0.png  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival9_zps597887fb.png  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival11_zpsc80d8836.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival7_zps527cddda.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival2_zps31e62b83.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival4_zpse5b125e7.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival1_zpsf06167b6.jpeg

“With body painting, photography, costumes and special effects, dance and show it is a melting pot of artistic styles and forms.”

 photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival6_zpsf4fcf3d6.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival16_zps395743cc.jpeg  photo 16thWorldBodypaintingFestival14_zps0eec1971.jpeg

Now this is something to put on my bucket list. I’m sure it’ll go on a couple of yours too.

via Lost at E Minor, Totally Cool Pics, Huffington Post & Beauty World News

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