First World Problems

First world problems. We are all guilty of complaining about them, and best of all…we all like to have a laugh about them. Buzzfeed does an excellent job of compiling a couple of gems found on Twitter, that definitely acts to entertain.

Reading through them, there might be a couple that you relate to along the way.

 photo MiddleClassProblems1_zpse62b7579.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems4_zpscdc6c5f9.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems2_zps5beffe57.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems5_zps93a9f75c.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems6_zps242e1578.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems7_zps758d8ae7.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems8_zps301ec114.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems3_zpsaaf78135.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems11_zps55c9f296.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems10_zps362d5204.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems13_zps80cda462.jpeg

 photo MiddleClassProblems9_zps34c156c7.jpeg

Love them.

Had my Game of Thrones marathon and consumed copious amounts of junk food today – what a blissful way to spend a Saturday. Now to get out of my PJs to maintain some semblance of social life and grab a couple of drinks…

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