Bathtub Dreams

I would not mind having this bathtub. Perhaps I wouldn’t leave it all weekend. Covered in bubbles and sipping champagne, that does sound blissful. The only other thing I would need is a butler that I can beckon with my little gold bell. If only.

Introducing the Vessel (aka. the Bathtub Hammock).

 photo VesselbySplinterworks1_zpsd93d5efe.jpeg

Designed by UK studio Splinterworks, this bathtub is doesn’t touch the floor – suspended from walls and fixed with stainless steel brackets. It is filled with a floor standing tap and waste water is released through the base into a floor drain. With a foam core and insulated with layers of carbon fibre, the tub is insulated so that the water stays hot for longer than usual. It is 2.7m long and available in a variety of colours: black, red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.

 photo VesselbySplinterworks2_zps81146bf7.jpeg

 photo VesselbySplinterworks4_zps1fdf33f8.jpeg

 photo VesselbySplinterworks3_zps93966ddb.jpeg

 photo VesselbySplinterworks5_zps0a8e7a62.jpeg

Pretty sure I was already sold the moment I read ‘hammock’…

via PSFK

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