ABSOLUT’ly Open Canvas

ABSOLUT does not just create awesome ads:

absolut-collage-96 2

It also creates awesome campaigns.

“Transform Today” happened in Williamsburg last weekend, turning an entire block of North 6th Street into an interactive display of some of New York’s finest creative talent. Freshly painted white facades were reworked, grafitti artists gave live demonstrations in alleyways, and there was a display of storefront artwork, large-scale photos and installations.

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas1_zps9c1a9ce3.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas7_zps19c47b72.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas8_zpsa9117ab9.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas4_zps0b0f0f17.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas3_zps80bc2ae7.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas5_zpsc19db683.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas6_zps6b45a20c.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas2_zpsf2b9f677.jpeg

 photo ABSOLUTOpenCanvas9_zps122170f2.jpeg

Fine art-meets-street art-meets-brand art. Love.

This campaign will also be rolled out later this summer in San Francisco so if you’re in the area, make sure you keep a look out for it.

via Trendland

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