If They Could Speak…

David Olenick’s art is a perfect illustration (no pun intended) of a whole series of bad decisions, excuses, and basic human behaviour – all with a humourous twist. His designs are cleverly executed with simple drawings and typography, but all the puns and clever wordplay with the quirky cast of characters definitely brings a smile, and perhaps a couple of laughs here and there.

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns1_zpsf1ca42d9.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns2_zpsf9b9c815.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns7_zps3329348b.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns4_zpsa7703322.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns5_zpsb53bcd78.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns9_zps91e2ac0e.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns8_zps0de1ea27.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns10_zps126ed1d2.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns6_zpsc38c6134.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns12_zps9650bdb9.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns13_zpsdb678557.jpeg

 photo davidolenickgraphicdesigns14_zpsa8aa4bc6.jpeg

The pretzel rocks.

PS/ My new obsession: Bo Bruce’s new album, Before I Sleep. It is on repeat.

via Pondly

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