Card Peeks

People always seem to enjoy taking peeks into the lives of the rich and the famous. Their cars, their houses, their lives in some way or another. Here’s another aspect of their lives that is not usually focused on – their business cards.

For the most part, they speak plenty about one’s personality from Donald Trump’s faux gold foil, to Kevin Mitnick’s lock picking tool set (ps/ he was a convicted criminal and serial hacker), to Zuckerberg’s proclamation that leaves much to be desired.

Take a look.

 photo MarkZuckerberg_zps97d57301.jpeg

 photo AlbertEinstein_zps2e4a910e.jpeg

 photo AndyWarhol_zps74aecb7b.jpeg

 photo AbrahamLincoln_zpsab9a40d8.jpeg

 photo BillGates_zpsba85c544.jpeg

 photo Freud_zps766bf680.jpeg

 photo DevonSpurgeon_zps902f651a.png

 photo DonaldTrump_zps2b635053.png

 photo Houdini_zps2aa6e870.jpeg

 photo BarackObama_zpsfaee461a.png

 photo LarryPage_zpsaf085c59.png

 photo EricSchmidt_zps96e26da9.png

 photo SteveWozniak_zps72d102f8.png

 photo SteveJobs_zpsb5713dc3.jpeg

 photo JerryYang_zps20a0d592.png

 photo SteveMartin_zps42ada83b.jpeg

You may start wanting to look through the stacks of business cards that you’ve received over the years. Perhaps you’ll find a gem. (Perhaps you won’t.)

via Flavorwire

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