Art Explosions

I think that all males just have an inclination to blow things up. In fact, all of us tend to have a fascination for it. In the fast-fading memories of my youth, I remember causing a mini explosion in a playground and running away in glee, thinking that we were the coolest kids on the block. We were not.

Jon Smith puts his fascination for explosions into something creative, something worthwhile. He fills incandescent light bulbs with a whole bunch of different things which he then captures using high-speed photography. Paint, colourful sand, feathers, glitter, sequins…and even googly eyes. Could it get much better than this?

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs7_zpsd0414509.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs_zps60de1c97.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs9_zps0d157264.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs8_zpsaa13a42d.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs6_zpseeaa522d.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs5_zpsbfa68d0c.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs4_zpscf3d4059.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs3_zps04bb6ad7.jpeg

 photo JonSmith-Lightbulbs2_zps4a9ec6bd.jpeg

I see colours everywhere.

via Lost at E Minor

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