iOS Makeover

This seems to be the talk of the town. Apple has finally decided to redesign their iOS. A side-by-side photo comparison of iOS 6 and iOS 7 was recently released and I’m very pleased with its new makeover. I’m sure that many out there will agree.

 photo iOS71_zps4b928278.jpeg

 photo iOS72_zps2d14a7ba.jpeg

 photo iOS73_zpsf270732c.jpeg

 photo iOS74_zpsac690d5a.jpeg

 photo iOS75_zpsa2050b5d.jpeg

 photo iOS76_zps57c27a38.jpeg

 photo iOS77_zps5f630fbf.jpeg

 photo iOS78_zps8d8478af.jpeg

 photo iOS79_zps5cd1b24b.jpeg

 photo iOS710_zps831f3d17.jpeg

 photo iOS711_zps6fb99c35.jpeg


via Fast Company Design

3 thoughts on “iOS Makeover

      1. Why thank you – he definitely knows better about these things than I do. I seem to get overly excited and keep my fingers crossed that it would automatically transform the next day.

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