Flying Stuff

That awkward moment when you spill your drink. The whole thing seems to happen in slow motion and before you know it, the contents of your cup are now on your lap (or someone else’s). Either way, rapid napkin blotting often does not suffice so you briskly walk to the bathroom and come out with a wet patch that you hope will be unnoticed – normally it’s not. That situation might sound familiar to many.

Perhaps Belgium-based photographer and designer Manon Wethly experienced something similar and suddenly received a bolt of inspiration. Whatever her lightbulb moment was, it was worth it. Wethly posted photographs skillfully taken of airborne beverages on her Instagram, and aptly named the series “Flying Stuff”.

 photo ManonWethly-FlyingStuff1_zpsa3bb997a.jpeg

 photo ManonWethly-FlyingStuff2_zps09d78058.jpeg

 photo ManonWethly-FlyingStuff3_zpscbd87c54.jpeg

If only they looked so graceful every time.

via Junk Culture

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