Coke Plays Cupid

Coca-Cola filled a vending machine in “the most romantic park” in Shanghai with bottles that have extremely tightened caps. The goal? Some sneaky match-making.

Some employee of ad agency Leo Burnett must’ve been in a cheeky cupid mood when coming up with this campaign. The purpose is for unexpecting females to have trouble opening the soft drink bottle by themselves. A man would then swoop in, flex some (non-existant) muscles, and allow her to quench her thirst. This in turn would help people meet without the need for being formally match-made – “and it all started with a Coke bottle”.

 photo 5_zpsaefbdd62.jpeg
 photo 6_zps5fcb7625.jpeg
 photo 7_zps4e9d10dd.jpeg
 photo 10_zpsde3f4fae.jpeg
 photo 12_zpsc1fd17a7.jpeg
 photo 13_zps961b6b7b.jpeg
 photo 15_zps87b59bd5.jpeg
 photo 17_zps09a94f0e.jpeg
 photo 20_zpsb94d2c7b.jpeg
 photo 21_zpsb738b02b.jpeg
 photo 22_zpse56511f6.jpeg

I’ve always believed that there is a fine line between gentlemanly and awkward – opening difficult bottle caps would definitely be a plus, so would killing bugs of all shapes and sizes. Offer me his jacket on a cold day? Extra points. Holding the door open for me? Yes. Pulling out my chair? No, too much. No wonder they say that women are complicated creatures…

But really, how do people think of these things. The feminists will probably be writhing in their chairs right now, but I think this is a cute in a hilarious laughable kind of way.

Happy Friday to you! Have a wonderful weekend.

via Design Taxi

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