Flying Lenses

Vintage cameras and wings. What more could you ask for.

I have always had a minor obsession with vintage cameras. Can I use them? No. But I think that they look wonderful and have always fascinated me – note to those who are (for some strange reason) attempting to make a good impression.

As for wings, the blog name should say it all…

Paul Octavious clearly likes those two things as well, and is more skilled in creating an interesting photo series that captures them both. Birds of Aperture is set against a white background, stirs the imagination, and definitely brings a whole new meaning to the term bird’s eye view.

 photo PaulOctavious-BirdsOfAperture_zps57742377.jpeg

 photo PaulOctavious-BirdsOfAperture7_zps32ed33d9.jpeg

 photo PaulOctavious-BirdsOfAperture6_zpsdb9a9783.jpeg

 photo PaulOctavious-BirdsOfAperture5_zps2b516747.jpeg

 photo PaulOctavious-BirdsOfAperture4_zps1199377a.jpeg

 photo PaulOctavious-BirdsOfAperture3_zpse240dfb0.jpeg

 photo PaulOctavious-BirdsOfAperture2_zpsd5a10f37.jpeg

via Trendland

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