Five Days

Not only did I get a wonderful 2 weeks back in Perth (my hometown, for those unaware) –
I now have 5 days off to do absolutely nothing. Bless China and their many public holidays.

Perth was a colourful burst of comfort, catch-ups, friends and family. Having enough of food restrictions in Shanghai due to food scandals and bird flu outbreaks, I ate everything and anything that came my way. I mean that in all sincerity. On my first Sunday there, I (although embarrassed to admit) had three steaks.

Me, jumping delightedly amongst grapevines.

I do love Shanghai, don’t get me wrong. However, there are just certain bits and pieces that are missing over here. People aside, it’s hard to fit in all the hobbies amongst the twelve hour working days. The baking, the cooking, the sewing of clothes, the knitting, the crafting, the card-making, and…I should probably stop before making myself sound any more domesticated than necessary.

Ran into the kitchen and threw on the striped apron whenever I got my chance in Perth. Not often enough. My baked goods weren’t exactly the most amazing of culinary delights that I would’ve hoped for. However, when you have approximately 15 minutes of prep time before throwing everything into the oven, hoping for the best, and rushing to get ready for your next appointment – you do what you can.

IMG_8524 2Mini brownies, topped with shaved coconut.

IMG_8480 2Black-bottom cupcakes, chocolate with cheesecake topping.

IMG_8687 2Tuna Mornay pies.

IMG_8579 2Lemon tarts.

IMG_8689 2Chewy Anzac cookies. A seemingly boring cookie, that is always requested for.

But apparently they hit the spot, and delivered the much-needed rush of sugary goodness to those who consumed them. A bad habit is that I don’t actually try the food I bake, and those adventurous enough to pick up those treats probably dare not say otherwise. However, ignorance is bliss at times! I am a wonderful baker. Indeed.

IMG_8471Messy hair and striped apron, pretending to look busy. That is the image that I shall leave you with. You now have another insight into my life – not only do I enjoy writing about absolutely everything, I also seem to have a strange love for baking!

Now onto other things…

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