Fishy Business

Awesome packaging is awesome. Okay, that is probably one of the most redundant statements I have made. But really, packaging does make all the difference.

Those of you who have bought fresh fish know those off-white papery packets that get slimy in your grocery bags and seem impossible to close once you tear off that barcoded sticker. Or the clingwrapped polystyrene tray which has the tendency to leak. Ick.

That’s where London designers PostlerFerguson come in.

In order to encourage people to purchase the less endangered types, they designed a series of sleek sleeves.

 photo FishpackagingbyPostlerFerguson_zps6203a1fe.jpeg

 photo FishpackagingbyPostlerFerguson2_zps645a2932.jpeg

 photo FishpackagingbyPostlerFerguson3_zpsd490e70a.jpeg

“Supermarkets are expanding their fresh fish offerings to include more sustainable species like gurnard, mackerel and skate. These fish are cheaper and just as tasty, but customers often shy away from them because they are unfamiliar and occasionally just plain ugly,” says Martin Postler.

Made from layers of polyethylene, the packs are resealable, airtight and can be topped up with ice to keep everything fresh until you’re ready to cook it. Much better.

via Dezeen.

As a side note…a hilarious blog post lists out 50 reasons not to date a designer – READ IT.
#5 – “they drink and eat all kinds of weird shit just because they like the packaging”.

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