I’m a bit of a social networking addict and in between this blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram…tumblr somehow always gets tossed aside for some reason. Then you come across finds like this, and you wonder why it got lost somewhere along the line.

These are just a few pictures I came across on eight letter word’s tumblr.

I definitely do like what I see.

 photo tumblr_me5yqihpuC1qdqchz_zpsc1eef957.jpeg
 photo tumblr_mc9g8uGmHc1qdqchz_zpsa178193a.png
 photo tumblr_m8i6azRpia1qdqchz_zps82ce7526.jpeg
 photo tumblr_m6gatgp7Y31qdqchz_zpsadc493c4.jpeg
 photo No78_zps1add12de.jpeg
 photo tumblr_ly67qjF46w1qdqchz_zps3cf13ef9.jpeg
 photo tumblr_m2qs69MWP51qdqchz_zpsca71eb27.jpeg
 photo meraki_zps7d0c802d.png
 photo Arka_zpsbcec1aa0.jpeg

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