Perfect Pairs

Today marks our six year anniversary. The first boyfriend. The ex-best friend. The one who I asked not to tell anyone when we first started dating, just in case it didn’t last longer than a week (everyone found out anyway). However, looks like it worked out just fine…

This is just something that I was going to blog about a long time ago, but never got around to it. Let me just be sickly sweet and write about it now – appropriate timing.

PERFECT PAIRS. I’ve been following David Schwen’s Instagram for a while now, and he has been posting wonderful ‘Pantone Pairings’, a series of photos featuring food combinations that go well together. This Minneapolis-based designer and illustrator has definitely put a new spin on the classic Pantone format!

Bacon and eggs.
Milk and cookies.
Cake and ice cream.

You get my drift, now for some pictures…

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings_zps4f3a732d.jpeg

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings2_zpsf9059b4c.jpeg

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings3_zps7c5f8183.jpeg

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings4_zpscfc3d964.jpeg

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings5_zpsb17cca95.jpeg

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings6_zps1768ed97.jpeg

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings7_zps540473fa.jpeg

 photo DavidSchwen-PantonePairings8_zpscf6a4f42.jpeg

His perfectly cut food squares are impressive.

via PSFK.

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