The Vatican’s Sin

I think that every designer seems to have a personal vendetta against Comic Sans.

 photo ComicSans_zps1a3e6309.jpeg

The poor Pope of the Catholic Church did not know this when he released a digital photo album of former Pope Benedict XVI to commemorate his papacy as the Pope for the past eight years. The 62 page album was published on the Vatican website, featuring a collection of photos of Benedict XVI performing various pope-like activities however, the quotes that accompany every picture is in the font, Comic Sans.

According to The Verge, it’s “a font typically associated with children’s birthday party invitations rather than papal resignations or God Particle pursuits”.

 photo 1_zpsaf84d975.jpeg

 photo 2_zps1b360771.jpeg

 photo 3_zps251f3c45.jpeg

Perhaps their plan to save a little money and create the book in-house backfired a little. – instead of focusing on the images, his font selection has caused an outrage online. Pope Benedict XVI does not seem to be getting the right kind of attention.

We are all such design geeks.

Via Design Taxi

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