Sneaky Logos

My little nerdy Thursday night game for you. Because you’d much rather do this than settle down on your couch with a glass of wine…

See if you can spot all the hidden messages within these logos

 photo LogoMessages5_zpsd3581c0e.jpeg

 photo LogoMessages6_zpsb66b8301.jpeg

 photo LogoMessages_zps7c132d22.jpeg

 photo LogoMessages3_zps59462535.jpeg

 photo LogoMessages4_zps55adbc16.jpeg

 photo LogoMessages2_zps8a04eba3.jpeg

Okay, they weren’t too brain teasing but some are a little clever – never knew about the FedEx one. But the part that entertained me most was the writer’s commentary on the logos (see random selection below). Some things really are better left unsaid, but to his credit, it is a good attempt of concise explanations.

The fish is formed of various computer symbols.
There’s a moon shape made of coffee foam inside the cup.
The lens of the camera is also a plate.
The whole logo looks like a lying mummy.
Letters “O” and “C” form a cat.
A hanger looks like a duck.
Letter “i” is lying as if it was killed.

via Creativity Insight

(Post Note: Just found a website with a whole bunch more – 60 to be concise – if tonight’s activities has piqued your interest in sneaky logos.)

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