Power of Perception

Macro food shots. Instagram filters. Clever angles. Airbrushing. Plenty of things can be easily done in order to make something appear an object appear a lot more attractive than how it looks in reality.

Take this as an example:


This is an image of a “stately residence complete with outdoor pool” spotted on a Korean real estate website. Appealing to many, you would think. A pool of that size in a backyard is really not a common occurrence in Asia. A backyard in itself seems to be rather rare these days, a balcony is already quite the treat.

However, when taken at a different angle your opinion might change. Just possibly.

Zoom out a little…


The real deal…


Quite the laugh. Kudos to the photographer though, very skilled in selling (online) but he might have to be taught a lesson or two about managing expectations. May this be a little word of warning to those with plans to house hunt!

via RocketNews

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