A New Kind of Tagging

A fun campaign by Ogilvy & Mather. Jon Morgan and Mike Watson scoured through the three-letter codes (used to identify luggage destinations) from over 9000 airports to create 36 advertisements.

Here are a few of my favourites:

 photo Expedia-OgilvyampMather_zps4ffb03d7.jpeg

 photo Expedia-OgilvyampMather2_zpse321c188.jpeg

 photo Expedia-OgilvyampMather4_zps253aff2a.jpeg

 photo Expedia-OgilvyampMather6_zps2d8518dd.jpeg

 photo Expedia-OgilvyampMather7_zpsc57c7a66.jpeg

 photo Expedia-OgilvyampMather5_zpsece8505f.jpeg

 photo Expedia-OgilvyampMather3_zps870cd0d6.jpeg

via TrendLand

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