Fruits of Labour

Came across this little food photography gem today. We’ve seen enough photography where every single shot seems to looks amazing, just because they have mastered the use of a macro lens. All food seems to look better close up.

Alexis Clements changes things up a little and lines her ingredients up in an orderly manner. Attention to detail, careful arrangement, and awareness of light. Every photo seems to be perfectly thought out, and the result is a series of photographs (‘Fruits of Labour’) that truly catches ones eye.

 photo AlexisClements-FruitsofLabour_zpsdbe31a39.jpeg

 photo AlexisClements-FruitsofLabour2_zps388221e5.jpeg

 photo AlexisClements-FruitsofLabour4_zps7731ca0c.jpeg

 photo AlexisClements-FruitsofLabour3_zpsba9d6cd7.jpeg

 photo AlexisClements-FruitsofLabour5_zps6df7b7d6.jpeg

 photo AlexisClements-FruitsofLabour7_zps299c8f83.jpeg

via Behance

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