Instagram Creativity

When Instagram decided to update its original terms of service for 2013, there was endless backlash and it soon backed down. However, Instagram users still seem to be fleeing in large numbers; the photo-sharing app lost more than half of all its active users in the past month, pushing numbers down from 16.3 million daily active users to 7.6 million.

It didn’t, however, chase away video-maker Tommy Edison. Blind since birth, he keeps an engaging Instagram feed that shows you the world from his perspective. With the help of Siri, he is able to shoot and upload pictures on his iPhone, choose filters and add captions.





I must say that the pictures are more interesting than many that I see out there these days. Camwhore shot. Food shot. Another food shot. New manicure. Yet another food shot. Lounging cat. Sky. ‘Oh-I-look-pretty-today’ – another camwhore shot.

I like imperfections. #blindfilmcritic. Check it out.

via International Business Times and Mashable.

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