Welcome 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! May it be full of happiness, and I wish that all things wonderful come your way in the year to come.


This year was a little different. No crazy celebrations or drunken escapades, no drama and fireworks (both literal and not), no over-expectations of your night, no crowds to fend off wishing you had a stick. Was the first time in 4 years that NYE was spent with the boyfriend, so we decided to have a quiet one. After I got over the ‘what, no plans on NYE?!’ stage, it was a very welcome change. New stage of life, so it seems…

The first day of the new year was spent watching Star Wars (no, I have never seen it in my life – do not judge me), having endless naps, and checking out a new restaurant I seem to have been hearing about constantly.

Like I said, this city has definitely grown on me. Ask me how Shanghai was within the first month living here, and a miserable bundle of self-pity would’ve answered your questions. Ask me how Shanghai is now, and I would reply that I probably would have a hard time leaving. Where else can you get a cleaning lady for $2.50/hour (that is standard, promise we are not mistreating her), a hot milk tea around every corner, food delivered to your doorstep, not have to ever touch your kitchen, a rather insane number of holidays every year, have things to do at any time of day, and incredibly cheap taxis. Bliss.

Well, enough about me. A little randomtivity to end off on…

My idea of an ideal dog.


His idea of an ideal dog.


Yes, found out last night that wolfdogs actually do exist. Yes, guys actually seem to revel at the idea of owning a wild beast. Yes, they do bite and not seem to want to let go.

Anyway. Once again, have an amazing 2013. Make those resolutions and always expect the unexpected. That’s where the fun part comes in…

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