The End of the World

We’ve all heard of those people preparing themselves for the end of the world – a whole bunch of them in 2000 and now another bunch emerging now that we’re reaching the 21st of December 2012 (in fact, I’m quite sure that one of them lived in a caravan outside my father’s office). One Chinese man decides to merge the Mayan prophesy with Noah’s Ark, and decides to build his own version of the ark to survive the apocalypse.


According to The Daily Mail, Lu Zhenghai spent his entire life savings of $150,000 to build it. The vessel measures in at 21.2m long, 15.5m wide and 5.6m high and is capable of displacing about 140 tons of water. Lu agrees that it’s not much to look at but is confident that it will serve its purpose.



Lu isn’t the only one though – in France, authorities have been forced to ban access to a sacred mountain that is rumoured to be a haven from the apocalypse as hordes of believers have been flocking there in recent times. Legend has it that an alien spacecraft will burst out, taking the humans away into safety.


Insanity, we say. But if aliens do rock up and save them from the impending doom that the earth will face in 12 days, they’ll be the ones laughing.

via The Daily Mail

3 thoughts on “The End of the World

  1. Well, I’m taking a wait and see attitude. If the world ends, it ends. If not, I’ll start my diet December 22nd.

      1. Oh I’m so easily persuaded! I’ll take your advice and raise my glass in a toast to you! Merry Christmas!

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