Worldly Possessions

There’s something about this series of photos that is strangely touching…

For nearly a decade, Chinese photographer Hang Qingjun went around rural China and asked families to empty all their belongings in front of their house to pose with a picture of everything they owned. Nearly all of them agreed. With this, he embarked on a photo project named Jiadang (Family Stuff).

“They realized what I was trying to do, they understood the point…They’re not like people from the city, who have so much stuff that if you asked them to do it they’d reply it was too much effort.”







We do live in a materialistic age, not much to argue when it comes to that. We don’t feel complete without our smartphone close by at all times. We have a little whinge when we go travelling and leave the smallest thing behind. We are all somewhat lost when the Internet throws a fit and decides not to work for a few minutes. Guilty on all counts.

Technology has taken over our lives, that much is clear. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to step back and really see how much clutter we have around all of us.

via MyModernMet

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