Up, Up and Away

I know that this has been done by National Geographic before, but anyone that manages to fly a (mini) house into the air with the help of a bunch of balloons deserves a mention. Professional cluster balloonist, Jonathan Trappe, recreated Disney Pixar’s Up flying balloon house last weekend for the International Balloon Festival in Leon, Mexico.





As if being a ‘professional cluster balloonist’ isn’t a conversation starter in itself, he next aims to be the first man to fly across the Atlantic using only cluster balloons tied to a tiny yellow boat. He would be an interesting man to meet.

If you’re also quite the Up fan and would also like to fly your your own house up in the air, Movoto Real Estate has actually created a balloon-culator that allows you to see just how many balloons it would take to do so. Have fun ballooning!

via Buzzfeed

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