Christmas in a Can

You know how most people have this perception that they do not want to end up being that lonely old woman (or man) with the cats? Well, I’ve thought of a new benchmark.




I do not ever want to be that lonely old woman who eats Christmas dinners out of a can.

I understand that we are in an incredibly fast-food, fast-everything society these days but Christmas and Thanksgiving is the one time that you can have a true feast! But if you disagree, this can seems to be the perfect solution. It contains a turkey casserole with winter veg, chipolatas, stuffing balls and cranberry jelly. You don’t even need a microwave – you just remove the lid, pierce some holes, and then open the can to trigger an exothermic chemical reaction that automatically heats up your meal in just 12 minutes. Sad, but admittedly a little awesome too.

You can find it on Firebox.

I know that Thanksgiving has already come and gone, but HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

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