Silent Weekends

Gone are the days of absynthe shots and cocktails that taste like gummibears. Where the only headaches we got were when we got out of bed on a Saturday morning. or Sunday morning. Or both. Oh, you were fun while it lasted.

It’s my first weekend alone since I got to Shanghai, with the boyfriend gone on a business trip and the housemate gone back to visit her hometown. I could possibly be out going a little crazy, but instead all I’ve done the whole day is stay in bed under my two quilts. Winter isn’t here yet, and I’m already out dressed in three layers, a scarf, boots, my winter coat and still find myself freezing. I’m ready for some serious fun in the coming months.

So here I am. Catching up on some reading, watching television series, and rambling on in this blog. You know how they say that the years between twenty to thirty just fly by, and when you look back you have no idea where they went? I never used to believe them. Now I do. Somehow weeks really do fly past once routines are set, then months, then years. Two years ago, I was in Perth in my little bubble thinking that life was all rainbows and butterflies. Since then, I have moved to two different cities and somehow found myself in China (which has definitely grown on me), worked in five different jobs, met some amazing people, met some not-so-amazing people, lived in ‘interesting’ places, and somehow managed to get more life experience thrown at me than I could’ve thought imaginable. Just last week I was pleased with my “weekend of massages, hot tea and Frank Sinatra” and I wondered how i managed to make myself sound about half a century older than I really am.

Growing older? That’s one thing that many of us wish to ignore. But it’s just that little bit harder when everytime you look, there seems to be yet another person getting engaged, getting married or having a baby. The next few years will be interesting to say the least.

That’s all from me today. Back to my weekend of rest and relaxation.

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