Calm in the Storm

First one home on a Friday night. Nothing to complain about, I’ve had my vodka lime soda, antipasto and a cheese platter. Between work, the big boss visiting Shanghai from Australia, a board game night, company dinners, the boyfriend’s birthday, minor house redecorating and a new housemate, there’s hardly been a moment to breathe this week. A flurry of good food and way too much enjoyment. Now for a weekend of pure relaxation…

On the topic of this week, we’ve all seen the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy while it spun through New York, plastered all over the news. Way too many casualties and flooded yellow taxis.

Source: AFP

But if there’s anyone that can see the calm in the midst of the storm, it’s Randy Scott Slavin. In a series titled ‘NYC Unplugged’, he took long exposure shots of the streets of downtown NYC during the power outage caused by the hurricane.

“I felt the call to hit the eerily dark streets and show New York as it is rarely seen. Trekking around with my tripod I was able to get the long exposures necessary to see in the dark.” – Slavin





via PetaPixel 

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