Sushi Giants

I seriously need to get myself to this place. Pronto.


Umewaka. A sushi restaurant in Nagoya, Japan that is known to create insanely large sushi. The super-sized Anago sushi uses several slabs of eel fillets and could feed 6-8 sushi lovers. This is not a solitary sushi, feeling lonely in its giant-sushi world. You could also get order the 6kg jumbo Futomaki roll stuffed with 20 types of raw fish and seafood, on a 2m bed of rice and nori seaweed. Or perhaps some mountainous portions of salmon roe, egg, octopus, squid and tuna – each one enough to create 40 regular-sized Nigiri sushi portions.




You now know where to go if you’re roaming around feeling hungry in Japan.

via Design Taxi

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