Naked Vodka

There are many brands that are clearly owned by men. G-Spirits liquor company is definitely one of them, evident through the release of their most recent limited edition collection: The Naked Vodka. Okay, I actually made up that name in all entirely. It’s called the ‘G-Spirits Collection No. 1’ but I thought it was quite dull considering its selling point.



This special German vodka is ‘filtered’ by being poured down the nude bodies of models, including current Hungarian Playmate of the Year, Alexa Varga. If you’re not a fan of vodka, you can also select whisky or rum with each bottle going at around $150-180 USD a pop; including a certificate of authenticity, as well as an exclusive nude photo of the model whose body was used in the filtration process.

They even created a short film to show how the spirits are made: [click here] for the link. Please take note that it is a little MA15+. Also, possibly not the best idea if you are currently reading this as your attempt to procrastinate at work. I take no responsibility for bosses walking past at the right wrong moment.

Between this and the Japanese cuddle cafe that I spotted yesterday, I get a little worried about what things are going to be like in 10 years time…

via PSFK

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