Happy Bubble

The last few days have been a burst of excitement for three primary reasons:

1. My first week-long public holiday – bliss! There seemed to be a China swap where all the city-dwellers went travelling and the country-folk all came to Shanghai. Masses and masses of them. Yes, it was a myriad of colours, patterns and smelly toilets with long lines.

2. Endless eating, nougat, coffee, pineapple tarts, Bengawan Solo snacks, allergy medication replenishment, a whole suitcase of clothes and my favourite pairs of shoes – that only signals one thing: THE ARRIVAL OF OUR FIRST VISITORS. China club experiences (think mirrors, neons and dancefloor madness), massages, way too much laughing, market places, hotels with bouncy beds, amazing skylines, and a visit to the circus. Always awesome to have family and friends around! An extremely enjoyable few days.

3. First week of work and I’m loving it so far. No, really. Comes fully equipped with a Nespresso machine, a cupboard full of snacks and a fridge full of drinks. I’m way too easily bribed with the promise of food…

On the topic of China, think back to the 30-story tower that was built in 15 days by Broad Group a while back. If you haven’t yet heard of it, watch the video:

The same company has made plans to build the world’s tallest skyscraper in just seven months. A whole 220 stories. That is serious insanity. Okay, they will be using pre-fabricated components slotted together like a Meccano toy however the speed to which they do things here baffles me. Perhaps scares me a little.


The skyscraper will include schools, a hospital, 17 helipads and apartments for over 30,000 people.  Broad’s CEO, Zhang Yue, not only creates buildings at alarming speeds but is also a ‘passionate environmentalist’.  Employees all comply with his vision through the strict guidelines laid out in a corporate manual that includes tips on conserving energy and brushing your teeth. Indeed, brushing of teeth!

March 2013. Look out for it, I’m sure it will be hard to miss…

via Dezeen

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