Marathon Craziness

There really isn’t very much that can make you feel lazier about lazing around in bed on a Tuesday afternoon than this:

Say hello to Fauja Singh.


He is currently 101 years old and is officially the world’s oldest marathon runner. He has retired from marathons however, probably felt a little lost without the feel of the wind on his crazy long beard and decided to run in a 5k race last Sunday. He finished it in 40 minutes.

Okay. To be completely honest here, due to my lack of running skills, I actually have no clue if 40 minutes is Speedy Gonzales quick or turtle slow. However, I would say that the main point of this post is to marvel at the fact that this man who is more than a century old can even still run, let alone run in 5k races. I am seriously amazed.



via Buzzfeed

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