Good Catches

No, I did not go fishing on my week off. I am unsure of whether it is even possible to catch (edible) fish in Shanghai. By good catches*, I am simply referring to my net of Perth people that I just put up in my ‘study’ today. Just note that my study is really just a wooden desk on a slightly elevated area in my room. Just like my ‘room’ in Sydney was really just a little section of the living room, cordoned off by posters, bookshelves and curtains. Good times.

*a term derived by Jason, wonderful creator of the net.



Was not having the best of days – one of the reasons being that I accidentally locked my housemate out on the first night living at my new apartment, oops – and I must say that seeing it hanging up there with all those silly faces (but for some, perhaps…normal faces) made it better.

That, as well as the free facial that I got today. It was supposed to be free anyway. Got approached at some shopping centre about a free facial as part of a promotion in their newly opened salon. Me being me, I follow the woman randomly down some corridors, up an elevator, past some construction and into a salon where I was way too enthusiastically greeted by a flock of women. Got my free facial. Then the upsell begins. “$580RMB if you want to take out all the toxins, plus you get this and this and this free”. No, I say confidently (secretly proud of myself for not getting sucked into their schemes). *Woman does a small demonstration* “Okay fine, $200RMB for you just this time, plus you get a free facial”. Me being me, I agree and leave the place happily with fewer blemishes but knowing that I got trapped in the whirlpool of China promotions – please do not upsell me, or be ridiculously pushy, or discount me, or tell me how good products are. I am the type of person that wishes to buy every single thing that flashes past on late night informercials. Note, I own the Flavorwave. Plus I still want the Miracle Blade.

Okay. That was my random update. I look forward to the pleasant distraction of everyone making faces at me while I (attempt to) study Chinese.

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