So here I am, unemployed again…for the next 1.5 weeks at least.

I was happily working at Auditoire when I got another job offer. That’s where the dilemmas all started. How do you choose between two good opportunities? First world problems – it should be enough to have those opportunities, some might say. I have no clue how this even came about when I was whinging about my career prospects in Shanghai (or lack thereof) just a month ago. I really do just get lucky when it comes to these things.

CHOICE #1: Events Company. International, head office in Paris. Connected to TBWA. Awesome clients – think Jaguar, L’Oreal, Mont Blanc. Amazing events. Fun and crazy. Midsize agency. Insane work hours. Travel around China. Plenty of execution work.

CHOICE #2: Communications Company. Head office in Melbourne. Boutique agency. Good client base – think Kookai, Peter Alexander, Alannah Hill.  Massive range of services. Amazing graphics design and typography. 20 days leave. Plenty of client work.

Two completely different paths. But after much contemplation, decided to go with option #2. Loved working at Auditoire but when it comes down to it, I was just freelancing at that point of time, whereas I’m offered a permanent position at the new agency. I didn’t actually mind the 11:30pm finishes or the weekends at work that were looming in the near future; as long as I enjoy what I’m doing, time just flies by anyway. But whether I wanted my lifestyle to revolve primarily around work was a different story altogether. Just seemed the right choice at the time – we shall soon see!

So here I am, watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – for the first time actually, shock horror – and enjoying it way too much. Since when did sitcoms interest me? I spotted a fake book cart just underneath my apartment block so perhaps I will buy the ‘Game of Thrones’ boxed set and have a good read. The whole of the Chinese countryside will soon be flocking over to Shanghai for the week-long National Holiday so I might as well make the most of the peace and quiet while it lasts. Bliss. (Okay, I actually secretly miss working.)

I hate decisions.

2 thoughts on “Crossroads

    1. Aren’t they always? Thank youuu. (: I shall laze around in bed contentedly for the next few days. The only thing that could make it more perfect was if it starts raining outside. Doubles the coziness of being at home!

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