Street Pong

No, I’m not talking about some sort of funky smell…


Two students from HAWK Hildesheim in Germany – who were probably in a constant state of boredom at traffic lights – came up with this concept. The game is attached to traffic lights on both sides of a crossing, allowing for ‘playful urban interactions’ while waiting to cross the road. Might actually have quite a bit of fun moving the little ball-hitter-thingoid back and forth while eyeing up the competition on the other side…until I realise that a thousand people have touched it before me and it probably needs a good sanitise (maybe in China, ten thousand).

But a cute little installation, nonetheless. Might encourage children to stay in one spot instead of randomly dash across roads causing a minor frenzy of anxiety attacks amongst those watching. And no, I do not believe in children on leashes.

via PSFK

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