The First

Things have whizzed past in a bit of a blur.

Friday. Job interview.
Monday. Job offer.
Tuesday. Accept job offer.

Had my mini freak out last night about how ‘i am not mentally prepared’. But then again, when is one ever mentally prepared to trek off to work after month(s) of holidaying?

It’s all very exciting. It was my agency of choice, who thought that I would have somehow landed it. International events company, luxury/fashion/automobiles/beauty, perfection. Nothing is set in stone as I’m ‘freelancing’ for three months so I better impress them with my complete and utter brilliance. Ahem. So what exactly do I do? Well, last week I said that I do more than plan parties – I take that back. *sheepish*. That’s pretty much what I am doing for the next few months. Planning a party. A ridiculously MASSIVE party.

Today was spent looking at topless guys and girls with legs that went on forever. Getting shoved into a model casting on my first day of work was not what I expected, but no complaints there. Except that I was wearing 4-inch heels and my feet screamed for joy once they touched flat ground. Once again, why oh why did I decide to only pack two pairs of shoes when coming to Shanghai? I’m going for the leather sneakers tomorrow.

I would update you more, except that’s literally all that I did. Other than book a hotel in Paris, read a magazine (client research!) and go shoe browsing. Okay, it’s definitely not all glitz and glam, fun and games. I just got lucky. One of the first girls I spoke to told me that she stayed in the office till 4:30am last night. COFFEE ME UP.

All in all, an amazing opportunity and I am a happy little vegemite!

(That’s actually the first time I’ve watched that commercial and it kinda creeped me out…)


2 thoughts on “The First

    1. Thank youuuuuu!! So true, except it’s so hard to get PLAIN shoes here. Everything is full of colour, sparkle and some weird embellishment. Hahaha. Oh yeah, no heels for you for a while. That’s okay, it’s for good reason!!

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