Five Little (Useless) Tidbits

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald had a foot fetish.

2. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

3. When Q-tips were originally released, they were called Baby Gays.

4. Fredric Baur invented the Pringles can. When he passed away in 2008, his ashes were buried in one.

5. Ben & Jerry learned how to make ice cream by taking a $5 correspondence course offered by Penn State.

via Mental Floss – “Where knowledge junkies get their fix”. I am by no means a knowledge junkie in my books. However, it definitely makes an interesting read.

2 thoughts on “Five Little (Useless) Tidbits

  1. I did not know that about my favs Ben and Jerry. I’m obsessed with their ice cream. This also gives me hope that the online writing course I took could lead to great success one day! Thanks for this interesting bit of knowledge.

    1. Haha the places that passion can get you – if only we all enjoyed making ice cream as we did eating it. The online writing course gave you that extra push in the right direction but you’re the one that will make yourself successful! Your blog’s a good read. :)

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