Childish Fun

There are certain things in life that make us warm and fuzzy. Whether it be lying down in the sun (if you’re taking being ‘warm’ quite literally), cuddles, hot chocolate, grabbing a tub of ice cream and watching a good movie, memories, ricotta pancakes, new clothes, receiving a hand-written letter, puppies, when an amazing song comes on, old people taking walks, first cup of coffee in the morning – okay you get the message. Warm and fuzzy. Warm and fuzzy.

One of mine is PLAYGROUNDS. I have always loved playgrounds. Perhaps it is the child in me that bursts out at the seams but when I find an amazing playground, I kinda go crazy. I was the kind of little girl who sat on the top of monkey bars eating her lunch. Who tried to go as high as she could on the swing and jump off, attempting to fly in the air. Who always finished her McDonald’s meal as quickly as she could so that she could go and play with all her ‘new friends’. I always somewhat gravitated towards playgrounds and mastered the art of spotting the best ones. That is one trait that hasn’t really changed over time. Perhaps I no longer find monkey bars a comfortable place to sit, don’t swing and flip from place to place and do not eat happy meals – but I still love a good playground.

Then I saw this.





via Coolhunter

Introducing the Blaxland Riverside Park – Sydney, Australia. I cannot believe that they made this AFTER I left. Outrageous. Perhaps I should make a visit just for a little excursion to this magical place. Yes, magical. I envy all those lucky children (and adults) intensely.

Seriously, it looks amazing.

I was almost as gutted as the moment when my mother told me that Les Miserables was finally coming to Perth in October. Okay, I’ve watched the musical before. And had wonderful seats. But it’s my all-time favourite! Oh well, I’m hoping that the movie coming out in December will make up for it. I got excited just watching the trailer.

Now let me sit in a corner and quietly tend to my wounds…

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