Lego Bricks

Having one of those days where everything seems to fall into place. Where there’s a little more bop in your step and Glee’s version of ‘Dancing with Myself’ doesn’t cause the same irritation that it normally does when it comes on. I even tried to open the windows to let in some fresh air. Soon changed my mind (note to self: China does not actually have fresh air). Let’s just stick with my perfect 24 degree, purified air for the time being.

1. Finally took the time to perfect my cover letter and make it sound more me instead of the masses of other people attempting to plunge themselves into the creative industry. It still amuses me how people perceive ‘PR and events’ to be all glitz and glamour. No, we don’t just schmooze around and plan parties. Usually. Attending opening parties with free-flow alcohol and amazing canapes, getting all the little freebies, meeting Russian models in high observatory towers and attempting to remain standing at the end of the night in 5 inch heels was definitely fun while it lasted I must admit.

2. Finally got around to looking for interesting companies to join and sent my CV out randomly. Nine so far, somehow scored two interviews. Let’s hope that the next ones are not done in Chinese. The last possibly scarred me for life.

3. Finally found an awesome place after the crazy amounts of house hunting. It had slowly crept up and overtaken my life last week. How do people with full-time jobs manage to house hunt? I swear it was a full time job in itself. (Okay Shermaine, you keep telling yourself that).

4. Finally got myself some name cards. I kinda love them! They make me feel important.

We all need more of these days in our lives.

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