What Happens in Vegas

Stays in Vegas. Or so they say…

We all have this inclination towards secrets. Keeping them, sharing them, knowing something that no one else does. They require a worthy audience – someone you know too well, or someone you really don’t know at all. Although few seem to know the very meaning of secrets anymore – the more interesting something is, the faster word seems to spread. (That irks me).

Anyway, what does this have to do with Vegas?

Candy Chang (some artist interested in “public spaces and personal well-being”) put up a new installation in Las Vegas that allowed people to confess to their deepest darkest secrets in complete anonymity. Admittedly, not the most ingenious of ideas seeing that a similar concept was executed in PostSecret (take a postcard, write a secret, leave it anonymous, mail it). However, it was an interesting to see it in a physical sphere.



Over 1500 confessions were made – over half of them about sex, love or fears of dying alone. Perhaps it’s the inner voyeur in us that makes us oh-so-fascinated with the sordid secrets of everyone, or your conscience (what’s left of it) that feels somewhat comforted when you spot a secret that’s worse than your own.





via The Atlantic

I actually bought PostSecret. It is an interesting coffee table book.


PS (off topic): Just had foie gras, ham and cheese from France. It was goooood.

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