Whinge Time

Been sick and partially bedridden for the past three days. The only pleasure of being sick was to legitimately receive a day off. However, considering my state of unemployment, I just wallow in a bout of self-pity wondering why my water bottle is always empty and looking for yet another tissue. No, not a pretty sight. So sore it’s difficult to move.

Who gets the flu in summer!

Been extremely productive (as you are when you’re sick) and scrolling through Buzzfeed, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, and any feeds that only require you to move one arm and lie comfortably on your pillow simultaneously.

This little one brightened up my day so I thought I’d share. Her name is Savanna, she’s a baby Cheetah, she lives in Cincinnati Zoo, and she’s absolutely adorable.




If you’re as obsessed as me and would like to watch a video, here it is. Admit it, how cute is she. Seriously. (Spotted on Buzzfeed)

I would like to have a baby cheetah. I’d have running races with it while it’s a baby, telling all that ‘I run faster than a cheetah’. When I can no longer catch up with it, perhaps I can send it on little errands. ‘I am tired, please fetch me a drink from the store’. When tame enough, perhaps I can put my child on it’s back to send him/her to school. I will ensure proper harnesses and that it’s going at a reasonable speed of course. Teach it to abide to traffic rules. What a story that child would have when it goes to school – ‘My dad sent me to school in a BMW.’ ‘My mother drove me in our brand new Merc.’ ‘I rode my pet cheetah’. No biggie.

I think I’m going delirious.
Time for bed, or maybe more episodes of Big Bang Theory.

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