An ode to the old

Okay, so I decided to finally move along and get a new blog. A blog layout transformation was considered but after much thinking, decided that was time for something brand new.

I mean, my pink phase is over and my header picture no longer relates – do not even remember the last time I consumed a lollipop. I no longer eat cookies by the packet (usually) and my yellow car is long gone. My favourite music definitely does not consist of Chamillionaire, Nelly and Bubba Sparxxx. Yes, Sparxxx with 3 x’s. As for modelling and earcandy, the clothes that I wear to bed (which is where the blogging now occurs) is hardly worth mentioning and I do not see a constant need to play music continuously. I also no longer slave away forever Photoshopping those photo collages of every event I attend, that made my blog my blog back in the day. Many of the likes might still remain but really? ‘The sound of cars’, ‘getting piercings’ ‘puffy jackets’ and ‘pink Zippos’? Who is this girl. And why would she write down as one of her dislikes – ‘getting caught when trying to sneak back into the house’, as well as ‘getting sirened by police’. What a rebel.

So if you’d like a flash down Shermaine’s memory lane, by all means. Make a visit. It’s seriously not advised though. A time of my life that I am a little humiliated about at times – remember the blonde streaks? Okay, if you don’t, there is definitely no need to try and remember.

So an ode to the old., you will be dearly missed.


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